be your BRAND.


In todays marketplace, leveraging the power of SOCIAL-MEDIA is an excellent strategy for ENTREPRENEURS, sole-proprietors and THOUGHT-LEADERS alike. However, as well-known as the online social strategy is it is in many circumstances underutilized and increasingly more crowded and chaotic. .

In today's market, many people consume social media CONTENT and navigate their social media feeds by SCROLLINGSCROLLING and more SCROLLING.

Most people prefer to buy products from people they know, like or trust. Your image content needs to mirror and reflect the very same energy and needs to be relatablelikable and trustable!  

Yesterday's one-dimensional, studio portraits serve singular functions and are still useful in some settings. However today's modern entrepreneur needs to develop new, stronger image content that will help their brand stand out from the crowd and that will help their brand maximize its visibility!

"be your BRAND" is a customizable strategy that immediately distinguishes your brand from the rest!





Portraiture that captures the spirit of "who you are" will ultimately help you get in front of the customers that you're looking for. The rest is up to you.  

Branded Portrait Example.


"be your BRAND"

Packages and Pricing 


Level 1. Content Creation:

Making the decision to invest in your brand-image is an important first step in controlling your future. Here is the breakdown of this level: This level is targeted to the individuals that want a basic content strategy that will equalize themselves amongst their peers. The content created at this level is best used for corporate boards, profile pictures and entry-level business cards.

(**Large Employer On-location Packages are Available)

- Studio Portrait Session

- 1-2 Wardrobe Changes 

- Includes Studio Based Hair/Make-up/Styling

- Online Content Review

- 3 Portraits (Profile/Business Cards) 

- 1 Headshots (Profile Pictures)

-100 Image Library 



Level 2. Mid-Level Entrepreneur: 

Mid-Level Entrepreneurs are the individuals that are rooting themselves in their industries for the long-term. These people are not service providers, they are experts in their field and need a brand refresh and updated content strategy. This individual understands the power of social media They build audiences by committing to frequent, targeted online posts to their tribes, blogging about their industry and leveraging the power of social media.   

- Studio Portrait/On-Location Session

- Shoot until we are happy campers

- 3-5 Location Shoots

- 3-5 Wardrobe Changes 

- Includes Location/Studio Based Hair/Make-up/Styling 

- Online/Print Content Strategy Review 

- 200 Image Library (Social Media Feeds)

- 8 Retouched Lifestyle Portraits

- 8 High Resolution Images for Print

- 3 Headshots (Profiles Pictures)

- 1 Business Event Shoot 



Level 3. High-Level Thought Leader / Local Celebrity / Political Figures

High-level thought leaders, celebrities and political figures have unique content needs. However the employed strategy doesn't vary to awfully much from entrepreneurs. These individuals have a solid audience established and are wanting to further enhance and expand their message, and refresh their image. These people are trying to convey their message in a sincere way that inspires sponsorships and advocates of their mission. They too are experts in their fields and areas and spend lots of their time speaking and rallying their audience. These individuals understand the power of social media and want to share their events with their online followers and showcase their speaking engagements in a fulfilling way.  This individual typically has an established team that will frequently, and properly create targeted online posts to their audience, advocates and constituency.  Here is the breakdown of this level: 

- Studio Portrait/On-Location Session

- Shoot until we are happy campers

- Up to 10 Locations 

- Unlimited Wardrobe Changes 

- Includes Full Day Location/Studio Based Hair/Make-up/Styling

- Online Content Strategy Review 

- 400+ Image Library (Social Media Feeds) 

- 12 Retouched Lifestyle Portraits

- 7 Headshots (Profiles)

- 10 High-Resolution (Signage/Billboard)

- 3 Location Based Event Shoots

- ***Campaign Trail Pricing Available